Sunday, November 30, 2008


after buying tickets for the movie, Daniel and i decided to try Sucree for lunch.

cream of mushroom soup

ham and egg sandwich with spaghetti in pomodoro sauce

chicken barbecue with rice pilaf

Sucree is a place in Robinsons Midtown which is known for desserts. people always come for their cakes. but after eating our orders, we were so full that our tummy doesn't have room for desserts anymore. maybe next time. : ) the mushroom soup disappointed me. i can literally count the mushrooms on it. and it is very bland. the one from Campbell's is much better. D had the sandwich with pasta. it looks small but its heavy, really. the chicken barbecue is good. its tasty and i loved their barbecue sauce. : )

after eating, we were so excited and watched Twilight already. : )

good food, good movie, and the company? no words. : )

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Edward Cullen: Are you afraid?
Bella Swan: I'm only afraid of losing you.

Edward Cullen: You're my life now.

lunch today with Francine and Eman didn't push through. sayang. because they went shopping at 168 haha and im so hungry already. anyways.. i watched Twilight with D today. : ) and im glad we did. : ) the lines were so long! they opened four theaters for Twilight. dami. good thing all cinemas had reserved seating.

the movie was great. i liked the part where Edward bought Bella at the top of a tree.. the view was very beautiful.. and peaceful. : ) also the part where he would suddenly appear whenever Bella was in trouble like when the car almost hit her. and when Edward let Bella see what he looks like under the sun - his skin shines under the sun. others say that it's not as magical (im not sure with the term) as the book.. but i haven't read it yet. just now.. hehe. and im on chapter 3 already. lets see after i finish it. i think that novels that are being adapted into movies will obviously have their own differences. after watching the movie myself, i can say that it is well created and the effects are really cool. and yes.. Edward is one hot vampire. : ) haha. im sure they'll have a second part. : )

when you can live forever, what do you live for? -Twilight

Friday, November 28, 2008


im happy this week is finally coming to an end.. December's here before we know it!

i'll be meeting up with an old friend tomorrow for lunch and im excited. : ) will update soon.
goodnight! happy weekend everyone! : )

P.S. i really wanna have a massage. : )

Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

we don't celebrate thanksgiving here in the Philippines.. but i received a lot of messages in my email about thanksgiving. most of them were recipes. : ) so i decided to list down the things that im thankful for. here it goes...
  • Daniel - who understands me, and accepts me for who i am
  • supportive parents, and grandparents, that have taught me the important values of life
  • old friends i've known all my life
  • the new friends i've yet to meet
  • my blog, and wonderful blog friends
  • my books : )
  • strangers that smile at me whenever im having a really bad day
  • handwritten love letters
  • finding loose change in my pockets and buying a cup of coffee
  • weekends and holidays : )
  • quiet dinners with you
  • my little job
  • finding a pair of jeans that fit really good
  • sunsets and stars
  • each day that i am given, to continually find more things to be thankful for
happy thanksgiving! : )

Sunday, November 23, 2008


this morning, i played the piano for our Sunday School, my class, and for the youth fellowship. i remember back when i used to cry and complain to my piano teacher for letting me play a lot of pieces.. long and hard ones too. i remember having a hard time reading notes especially if there are flats and sharps. now, im thankful for that one summer that i took up those lessons. for my teacher for being so patient with me. now, i can use this gift to serve God and help others. : ) im happy whenever someone asks me to play for them because i know its my own little way to help. i remember playing the graduation song for my batch during our graduation in high school.. and also during our retreat, where i saw many young people offered their lives to the Lord. : ) and back when i was still in Bible School. : ) i hope someday, i can also teach someone to play the piano and appreciate music like i do. : )

Saturday, November 22, 2008

got it. =)

begin. grow. flow.

today, Daniel and i dropped by at Starbucks to finally complete my sticker card and redeem a stylish black 2009 planner. : ) i had a short non-fat toffee nut latte while D ordered a tall toffee nut frap blended whip. : )

cute charm : )

im working on my second card now. and im planning to give it to my cousin this Christmas. : )

it looks like i'll be wide awake this Christmas season haha. : )

the air gets colder.. days shorter, and nights longer. hmm.. its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. : ) i love it. : )

Friday, November 21, 2008

spell with flickr

Alphabet Block d E B B i003 e

i just discovered this awesome flickr site that i've found from someone's blog.. can't remember who as i didn't leave myself a breadcrumb trail, but you can find the site here. anyways, this is so much fun, it takes each letter you give it, and mixes them up in its magical letter photo library and spits out something different each time. i found myself drumming up all sorts of silly fun words and giggling over each one. i know.. like i have time for this?? haha. when you have a few minutes to spare, head on over and post your results. : )

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


today, we were supposed to do a lot of things at the lab. but because our technician, mang A, is absent and the lab is closed, we haven't accomplished anything. : ( tambak nanaman tomorrow. : (

anyway, Kara came over to my place before meeting her boyfriend after his work. we came home early and watched For The First Time in DVD. : ) okay, baduy na kung baduy but i still liked the story. : ) and yes, the setting and KC's clothes. : ) we had lunch together and went to Starbucks afterward. then i toured (if that's the word) her around Binondo. i showed her some of the restaurants along Ongpin, where who and who lives, where my church is, my former school, and i also showed her how to play the piano. : ) she bought some hopia at Eng Bee Tin on our way home. : )

my cousin Hannah is sick. she has fever. : ( i hope she gets better tonight so she can go to school tomorrow.

have piano practice tonight for Sunday. gotta go.. bye! : )

Sunday, November 16, 2008

happy thoughts.

i love the shirt. : )

with every step together, we just keep on getting better. : )

Friday, November 14, 2008

PAFT Pageant

because of our thesis, Kara and i almost couldn't make it to the pageant. but who'll be with Jen? so we came early at school to do our moisture analysis. we weighed the moisture dishes, the sample, placed it in the oven, weighed, and weighed again. and waited for hours. then edited our draft while having class, haha. and we finished it! : ) we can watch the pageant na! soo happy. : )

there are three judges, Asst. Prof. Grace Azares, Ms. Pola Rivera (my classmate before who now works for KFC), and Mr. Samaniego from URC.

Jen, Me (yeah i know i look wasted), Mommy Grace, and Nique : )

Jen won the title Best in Theme Wear, Best in Formal Wear, and Miss Tosta. *anu yun?* i don't have any idea. hehe. she was also our 2nd runner-up. : ) im so happy and proud of her! : ) i kept on cheering.. now my throat hurts na. pero ok lang. : ) Nique, her younger sister and Miss Educ, was there too. : ) with Paul, Mr. Educ. : ) mommy Grace was also there! : ) XC of course was there. : ) i also saw some alumni like Jimvee, Charles, Kat, Kenneth, and Pat. : ) sayang D wasn't there. he has work kasi.

our class representatives, Erik and Katrina were the Mr. and Ms. PAFT 2008. : ) yey! go 4F1! : ) Erik also won Mr. Director's Darling, Mr. Tosta, Best in Theme Wear, and two more. i forgot na. five titles! galing. : )

Mr. and Ms. PAFT 2008 Erik and Kat : )

congratulations everyone! : )

multiply is down. but i'll upload the pictures once its okay already. : )

Monday, November 10, 2008

PAFT: In Season

today is PAFT's pre-pageant. the contestants did their talent and question and answer numbers. from there, the judges will choose the final four then they will have another set of questions. and of course, im proud of Jen. : ) and yes, of Alvin. they represent the summer season. and we were all surprised when Alvin sang and danced. : ) everyone did well. and the crowds cheered loudly to support all the contestants. : ) the finals will be on Friday. : )

here's XC and Jen at the backstage. : ) he was so supportive. : )

the program finished earlier than expected. then we went to Tokyo Tokyo to have merienda because we were so hungry already. i also saw mommy Grace's new car - Altis. it was beautiful! : )

i uploaded the rest of the pictures at my multiply. feel free to visit.. and leave comments. : )

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Peanut Kisses

Peanut Kisses from Candy : )

Candy gave me peanut kisses this morning which she bought from Bohol. : ) it was yummy! : ) it reminded me of peanut broas from Cebu that Auntie Rebecca always brings as pasalubongs whenever she's coming. : )

thanks Candy! i loved it. : )

my cousin Aileen and i went to Starbucks this morning and tried their new holiday featured beverage - dark cherry mocha. which they described as bittersweet chocolate infused with the rich flavor of dark, dried cherries. i tried this and Aileen had Toffee Nut Latte. i feel like im drinking black forest! haha. i liked Toffee Nut better. next time. : ) hopefully i could complete all the stickers by early December. : )

D and i spent the day by watching DVD here at home. we were so lazy to go out because it was raining. all i wanna do is sleep haha. when the rained stopped, we went to Gilmore later in the afternoon to check some computer parts. then came home to have dinner. : )

happy birthday to Rachel! : )

my co-teacher, sister-in-Christ, and my friend. : )

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quantum of Solace

M: I thought I could trust you. You said you weren't motivated by revenge.
James Bond: I am motivated by my duty.
M: I think you're so blinded by inconsolable rage that you don't care who you hurt. When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go.
James Bond: You don't have to worry about me.

it's URC's family day today. and they gave away free movie tickets for all their employees. two for those who are singles, and three for married ones. you can choose between Madagascar or Quantum of Solace. and since we wanna watch Madagascar on IMAX, Daniel chose Quantum. the whole movie house was reserved for them! galing. : ) they also gave loot bags full of snacks from, of course, Jack n' Jill. i can count the times I've been to Robinsons Galleria. it's my third time today. haha. its so far from my place.

we had lunch with D's workmates Froilan, Mich, and Ate Joy. while walking around, we also saw Apple and Sheila. : ) i missed them! especially Apple. : )

the movie is a well-paced, exciting film, and definitely a fun watch. i liked the car chase, rooftop chase, and the boat chase. the action scenes were decent as well. : )

Thursday, November 6, 2008


today was a busy day. and i was pissed off. one, because Jen told me that we have to wear our org shirt but i didn't got mine yet. actually Kara and i didn't have it yet. no one even said that there'll be a seminar in the morning. and i don't know, and understand, why we have to go around the booths at the second floor and have them sign our paper?! some said that they sent a group message for everyone. but because im a sun user, i didn't got the message. why is that? grrr. okay.. i only told Jen what im feeling. everything is not organized. if you can't handle it properly then why take the responsibility?! hay naku. while we were buying food for lunch, expect that you'd have to wait in line because everywhere (literally) is full of people.. while waiting for our turn, someone stepped on me! my goodness. she's so BIG! so HEAVY. so painful that i screamed. ang laki naman ng daan.. anu baaa...

i was so tired when i came home. i kept on moving the whole afternoon. to buy some things that we need in our lab.. get things from the pantry.. return the crate at the TOP of the main building.. and do micro. we finished almost six in the evening already and i was so hungry. hay..

and now, i just came home from church and i don't know why i feel.. um, sad? down. but im okay. wait, am i really okay? i don't know. : ( maybe im just tired. i hope tomorrow i'll be happy again. hay.. life is so unpredictable. but maybe its just me.

i realized that it won't go away just because you don't think about it.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

red cups

i feel much better now. : ) thank God. our prof in educ 206 is Sir Dakila and im glad that he's my teacher again. he is one of the best teachers i had. even though his subject is a minor subject, he still makes effort to explain everything well. : ) but sometimes kakainis kasi feeling major haha. after class, we went to the library to get the AOAC procedures. ang kapal ng book! yey minor revisions nalang. : )

after that, Francis and i went to Starbucks to check out their new planner. : ) white is out for the season, and their red cups arrived today. : ) someone texted me that its not that nice compared to last year daw. but i liked it. its simple. : ) doesn't look cheap like what others say. and the good thing is, compared to the last years, they now only require 16 stickers to have one planner. : ) last time, its 24. and if because we're one of the first 500, we got one sticker free. : ) they have three colors now, red, blue, and black. i like the black. : ) im planning to complete two sets so i can give one to my dad. : ) i've always collected their planner every year, but Daniel was always the one to complete it for me. : ) anyone who wants to have coffee with me? haha. : ) we also had some pictures developed and bought something for his barong. hehe.

im tired when i got home. my brother Hans is so sweet to fetch me from school. : ) need to learn how to drive na!

by the way, Belle is home already. : ) while my students Matthew and her sister Hannah are confined in the hospital because of dengue. : ( heard that blood is coming out from Matthew's mouth already and his platelets are dropping to 17. : ( hay. please pray for them.

gotta go to church now. bye!

Monday, November 3, 2008

First day, Last semester

im feeling sick today. : ( didn't slept well because of colds that gave me a hard time to breathe. sore throat and headaches too. : ( D is still sick and didn't go to work today. : ( why is it like everyone's sick? my student in Sunday School is also in the hospital. and.. its raining again. so gloomy.

christmas lights are already decorated at the lobby of our building. early huh?

first day and Sir Sauz already gave us a long assignment. hay. oh well.. i have to CHERISH the time left.. because i know i'll miss it someday.

have to go now. feel bad parin. : ( can't afford to get sick anymore.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


this morning, we all went to Manila Memorial Park in Cavite to visit my Angkong. i just realized when i saw his tombstone that its been 10 years already. i almost forgot how he looked like. : ( but i still remember in my heart how he loves us so much. how hard staying with him in the hospital and see him in so much pain. how his illness made him so helpless. but im happy that he accepted the Lord before he died. that's a good thing because i know one day i'll see him again in heaven. : )

i hate it that November 1 fell on a Saturday this year. it should have fall on a weekday. next year Sunday na. hay.. but one thing good with all saint's day is that it brings families together. i was so sleepy and tired when we came home. then i went to see D and bought him food because he's not feeling well. : ( must be with the weather.

happy birthday Uncle Sam! : )