Saturday, November 21, 2009


The moment we stop caring for each other,
that's the moment we lose our humanity.

Friday, November 13, 2009

look into my eyes..
you'll see.

Friday, November 6, 2009

my week so far.

hello. :) im still here. and. i miss writing. :) i hope i can write regularly again. please bear with me. i know i'll be random. as i always am. ;)

okay.. so where will i start?

i'll try to summarize my week. here goes..

last Sunday, i was assigned to play the piano during our Youth Meeting. and it was my first time. i played several times already, but im always using the keyboard. now, it's the real grand piano. i was scared to death, but also grateful because i know i don't deserve it. it's an honor to serve You. :) after church, we had quick lunch and headed to Manila Memorial in Cavite. surprisingly, there was no traffic at all and we were there in 45minutes. :) we stayed there and cleaned the place, put some fresh flowers, and replaced the old photo hanging for more than a decade. when i looked at my Angkong's face, i almost forgot how he looked like when he was still here with us. i can remember the days that i spent with him in the fifth floor of Makati Med, when nurses and doctors come in every hour to check on him.. i can remember the time when he got mad on me and my brother for fighting over a toy to a point that he let us kneel down.. i can remember the way he drinks his soup and the way he sets his hair. but im thinking.. how much do we remember? it made me realize
again that life is so fleeting. anyway.. we stayed for a few hours, and when we were on our way out of the cemetery, we got caught in traffic and, believe it or not, we were inside for TWO and a half hours!!! we were so hungry and thirsty. and we can do nothing but pray. gladly, we made it home in an hour after we got out of the place.

Monday was a holiday so there's no work for me. :) i stayed home and did nothing! :) i loved it. sometimes, i get so caught up with everything i have to do and after finishing one thing, there's always next in my to-do list. it feels good to stop and just rest. :) that night, someone came and we just spent time together just talking. :)

Tuesday, it's back to reality again. back to work. so far, im enjoying my work and i've grown to love it. :) im more used to the phone calls, the orders, the different kinds of people you encounter each day. so far, so good. Grace joined me for dinner and told me about their trip to Cebu last week where they joined the Southern Conference. :) she also gave me yummy squid flakes and peanut kisses! :)
joined Prayer Meeting after dinner. :)

Wednesday, still work. tutor after work. and had coffee with a dear friend. :) red cups are out that day at Starbucks! :) and it's here to stay until January 6, 2010. :) and as i always do every year, i start collecting my stickers again to get my Starbucks planner!! :)

it comes again in three lovely designs. one must accumulate a total of 17 stickers - 9 christmas beverage + 8 core beverages. :) they also displayed new designs of tumblers and mugs for sale, and decorated the place too. it's beginning to feel like Christmas again. :)

Thursday, is such a gloomy day. it was raining while im on my way to work. and i think i didn't saw the sun that day. just dark clouds and rain pouring from time to time. joined Bible Study and saw Candy again! - she also went to Cebu - *hello Candy! :) so hungry after church so cooked fried rice and ate before going to bed. :)

Friday. today. i can't believe it's already been a week. but i really love Fridays. :) it didn't rained today.. in fact, it's hot today. our weather is really weird. just when i thought that it will rain all weekend, the sun was up and shining again the moment i woke up. i picked up the groceries after work today, ate dinner, and rushed to church for a piano practice with Bro. Robert for our Sunday School worship. i went to visitation too with Pauline and Michelle. :) and.. now im here. trying to update my blog. =D i planned to go to Ace Water Spa with my brother tomorrow, but he's down with sorethroat and colds, so i guess it's cancelled. we're moving it next next week. :)

how was your week so far? :) have a happy and productive weekend everyone! :) im hitting the sack earlier tonight. :)

goodnight! :)