Tuesday, July 28, 2009

i don't know what's with the weather, but i think it rained thirteen times today. the rain pours, then stops. then the sun shows up for a while, then here comes the rain again. hm.. as i overheard someone talking this afternoon, the weather seems to be in the extremes. i agree. no wonder people get sick so easily lately. im down with colds. seesh.

im in the kitchen right now waiting for my noodles get cooked, so this is only a three minute post. ha! i love cold weathers, especially during the night. oh, i know you know that already. i love rains too.. just not the walking-in-the-rain-and-your-feet-all-soaked-up part. you know what i mean.

i didn't have a great time at work today, which made me think again of finding a job somewhere else. haay. is it better to work outside? i don't really know. all i want is freedom. i feel suffocated.

anyway, enough ranting. working on some pictures, will post soon! :)

i can hear the wind outside. howling.. bawling.. roaring. i better eat now and sleep. ciao. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


lately i have been..

..busy doing my brother's homework for school.

..concerned about a lump
in me that's getting bigger since the last time i checked on it -

..which lead me seeing two specialists this week.

..preoccupied with work.

..contemplating a little too much about some things.

..wanting a massage badly.

..wishing i could get more sleep and these dark circles under my eyes would go away.

..reading tons of books.

..loving coffee.


im happy that it's finally Friday again. :) i think i haven't mentioned before that D had resigned from his work around end of May. he's been trying to find one and this week he's already satisfied with this German company and he's already working on his requirements. yey. :) it's so hard not having work, with all the bills you need to pay. we met after my work and went to a hospital to see his doctor due to some issues he's having but the doctor left early for a meeting so we had early dinner instead at nearby Shakey's. he went to church after bringing me home and here i am, trying to finish some things and update my blog.

i purchased two books this week and im happy with it. :)

some people are against reading Twilight but i think there's nothing wrong with it as long as you don't get so obsessed about it. i've read it before but i just borrowed it from my friend. so i finally bought one for myself, and i'll buy the three other books after i read this,
again . that is, if i have time. i find the other book interesting, it has lots of activities you can do at home during rainy days when you cannot go out and get bored. that's why it's titled that way - Rainy Days and Saturdays. I'm Bored. the next time we get bored here at home, i'll try to use it. haha! and i'll let you know how it goes. ;)

i also had a good number of pictures printed yesterday while im waiting for my turn at the doctor's clinic. and im so happy that i have started putting the pictures in the album i bought last month. i hope to finish it before.. hm, the ber months? let's see. :)

that's all for now. will sleep earlier tonight. :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Happy Happy Birthday to my driving partner Alda!! : )

i hope we'll be able to hang out again soon. work took so much of our time, ha! have a great day ahead!! : ) i wish you nothing but the best! thank you for the gift of friendship. love ya to bits. : )

Sunday, July 19, 2009

How Can I Forget?


How can I forget..

..the semester we got close in our Logic class and i gave you a mini frame as a gift for your debut!

..the times we spent at the Med Lab and talk about ghost stories about Med Building and scare ourselves to death

..the way how a Double Cheeseburger from Mcdo can make your day, the way you like it - no pickles

..how Stargazers and a BIG bag of Ruffles can make you smile

..the way you make me feel a part of your family - you're the sister i never had!

..the way i cheered for you during the pageant and how proud i was to be your PA, haha! ; )

..our Tagaytay trip on a cold December night with D and XC - 'twas so much fun!

..our PE days - i played the blind role and you were my helping hand - this is so true huh?
and how we taught our classmates how to make candles!

..our Rizal days - our prof made us sing in front of the whole class!!!

..the time i sipped your milk tea so it won't spill, even if i don't drink milk teas at all

..the times when you just listened as i cry my heart out

..the time you fought with your little sister's classmate to protect her and i stand amazed as i stood beside you

..the times you'd go to the grocery with me at SM

..the times when we were so crazy about Twilight

..the times we'd walk in the rain at school

..the times where we'd sneak out between boring computer classes and go to the washroom and just talk and talk and talk

i could go on and on.. but all i wanted to say is that i'll
never forget all these memories and that im lucky to have a friend like you. : ) who would've thought that a failing Chemistry subject will make two people close like this?! : ) as you go on with your journey as a Senior, even if im not there to have lunch and class with you everyday like before, i'll always be here whenever you need me, just like before. just like how you never failed me. : ) i miss you SO so much! say hello to your family for me! : )

Happy Happy Birthday Jen!! : )

and yes,

Happy 3rd Anniversary to You and XC!
: )

how can
we forget.. the way XC sang a song for you and gave you a bouquet! : ) D did the same too, and we were laughing together as we shared stories the next day - this day, three years ago. how time flies!! im so happy for the both of you. stay strong! : )

i love you, Best Bud!! : )

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

55 Minutes

i haven't had much sleep last night, i keep on waking up to go to the washroom because of LBM. : ( thankfully, the Chinese medicine my Ama gave me worked and i felt better already during late afternoon. i hope i'll be able to sleep well tonight.

while surfing the net today, i saw this link and i think you all have to WATCH it. im usually lazy to watch just about anything, but this was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment. what a blessing! if you can spare an hour, i encourage you to watch this amazing woman's testimony of what a terminal cancer diagnosis has taught her about the truth of life. it puts so much life into perspective.

"Cancer does not define me. Neither does being a wife or a mother. All these things are part of who I am but they do not define me. What defines me is my relationship with Jesus."

"I am here to serve with joy... If my suffering is the means God uses to bring even one person to Him, it is an honor to suffer."

-Rachel Barkey

watch the full video here - http://deathisnotdying.com/

goodnight all! back to work on Friday. : )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

quick post


Surgery will be next Tuesday not today. sorry for the wrong information. pray! : )


im still here! : ) i just stayed home last week because we don't have a maid. so i took care of bringing our clothes to the laundromat near our place and cleaning the house. it's tiring, but im happy to see that our house felt a WHOLE LOT cleaner without our maid. haha! and the good news? a new one came in today. : ) so i'll teach her some things and maybe i'll be going back to work tomorrow or the next day. yey. : ) can you imagine - i missed working!! haha. : )

during the weekend, D and i watched Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. it's a feel good movie with some funny parts. : ) i just find it short, with a running time for only 1.5 hours. then we had crepes at Crepes and Cream. i tried their Kani Mango Crepe while D had the usual Mango Crepe. : ) don't have pictures because we left the camera at home. boo! it's been raining again these past few days. i love it especially when im going to bed already. : )

while i was cleaning my book shelf, i realized that i have a LOT of cookbooks. i also saw a big notebook wherein i compiled all the flyers of recipes i got from the grocery or from can labels. : ) i think i should get back to cooking! : )

*please pray for my friend Candy's brother who will be having a surgery today. pray for a smooth surgery and fast recovery. thanks!

i think that's all for now. i'll write again as soon as i can. : )

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

currently loving..

Starbucks' Caramel Dark Roast Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

McDo's Twister Fries

Friday, July 3, 2009

07. 03. 09

our other maid left already yesterday. so we only have one left - Ate Ning, who stayed with us for twenty four years already. : ) but she's not as young as she was once before. so i have to help her around the house. i helped her wash the dishes and throw the garbage. this morning, i bought our clothes to the laundry shop and picked it up during the afternoon. i also went to Hannah's school and gave an excuse letter to her teacher and copied her homeworks. oh and i went to see D for awhile too. : ) such a long and tiring day. but there's something that made me SO happy. Nicholas Sparks is going to have a new novel coming out this September 8, 2009!!!!! you can check it out in his site - http://www.nicholassparks.com/. the title is The Last Song. : ) if you have been reading my posts regularly, you'll know that im his number one fan. okay, not number one because i know that he got lots of fans out there, but he's my favorite author and i've read ALL of his books. haha! so there.. that pretty much summed up my day. im going to bed already. goodnight!! : )

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July is here!

why on earth is everyone getting sick? just when i thought that it will stop with Christine when she went back to school yesterday, when these two little kids came home, it's their turn with the fever. Mark and Hannah did not go to school today because they have high fever last night. they see the doctor already this morning and is taking meds. the line in the doctor's office was too long that we waited an hour for our turn to come.

i accompanied Christine to school yesterday and surprised Jen with her favorite milk tea and gave her my old notes while she was working on their thesis at the annex lab. : ) while i was walking in school, i passed by our field, the Plaza Mayor, and the car park, memories just came and i realized how much i MISS UST. they renovated some parts and the front of our building was higher than it was before. it's true they say that it's much easier studying than working! haha. i miss the freedom of being a student, wherein i can sneak out of class because im hungry and buy whatever i want in the car park. in UST, we have almost every food you want - name it, you got it. ; ) not just food actually. we also have a cellphone store selling phones, casings, and loads.. a print shop, and a little stall that sells Little Miss shirts and Banana Peel slippers. nice eh? i also miss the days when i can go to the mall after class or just eat at Mister Kebab just because we feel like it. oh the FREEDOM!! hahaha. but now, i'll just cherish my time with my work. it's not that bad after all - i can be excused when there's something i have to do at home like looking after my brothers and cousins when they are sick. : ) so to all the students out there, cherish it while you're still studying. : ) each has its own good, i think. when you study, you have freedom. when you work, you have the money. haha!!

the weather is going crazy nowadays. that's a big part why people are getting sick. it's SO HOT during lunch time - like im the dumpling and our house is the steamer! hahaha. while during late afternoons, it suddenly gets dark and sometimes it just starts to rain. D and i were on our way to Starbucks last night when it started raining so hard. and because i hate having my feet getting dirty and wet all over, we just went to Wai Ying instead and ate there.

can you imagine it's July already? it's another half of the year. the next thing we know, the ber months are coming and Christmas is here. anyway, im getting random, i know. but it's alright, right? ; ) im thinking of making pancakes later. and Twister Fries is back at McDo!! wuhoooo. : ) i want. i want. but i should wait just a little more until my throat gets completely well. i cant afford to get sick again. not again.

okay that's all for now, will eat lunch already. bon apetit. : )