Friday, January 28, 2011

Still Here.

I'm still here! :) January is almost over and I can't believe this is my first post for 2011! O.o

Anyway, life is still the same. Granny is getting worse, I just don't understand her anymore. I'm tired of it all.

Since the last time I blogged, which was last Christmas,

I've joined our conference in church. :) And it's abundant and wonderful. It's amazing just how the Lord never gets tired of me, and everyone of us.

We also had our Praise and Thanksgiving Program in Sunday School. :)

Spent the New Year in (COLD!) Tagaytay with my family. :)

Saw Candy after a few months working in China. :)

Just a few weeks into this year, I've heard a lot of sad news including the murder of two car dealers, a raped and beheaded 5-year old girl, a bus blast, and just today, where an accident that killed 10 construction workers. I'm particularly sad with the first one, especially because my Dad is also a car dealer, and he knows the father of one of the victim. It's a sad reality that we live in this fallen world where it's not "Your money or your life" anymore, but now it's "I'll kill you anyway". People kill like its the norm. They kill just because they feel like it. And they'd do anything just to survive no matter what it takes. This week, I've been to the hospital for four times. First is to visit a friend who gave birth, two of it is to accompany my brother to the doc because of allergy, and this morning, to visit my cousin who accidentally slipped in school. While waiting for the results of the CT scan and Xray, somebody in the opposite part of the emergency room died, who also slipped in the comfort room and suffered internal bleeding. Life is so short. Poof. Just like that, and you're gone. On my way back to the office today, I was really thinking of how I used my life. When my time comes, can I really say to the Lord that I've used it wisely? This afternoon, I've shared in our small group in church about the Lord's coming. It made me realized that we're really near the end. All these things - hardships, calamities - are written and have been told to us a long time ago. It's getting harder each day, and my prayer is that each one of us can really stand firm till the end.

It's a sad reality, but no matter how sad all these is, one thing is for sure: my (our) God is still the same. He never changes. And I rest in the knowledge that He is with us, in everything.

Goodnight. :)