Tuesday, April 27, 2010


my laptop crashed yesterday

and it's dead as of the moment.

and im really sad about it. :(

but there's something to be happy about today.

even if work and the heat makes me feel exhausted.

let's look at the brighter side.

it's Dustin's birthday! :)

Happy Birthday Dus!! :)

i wish you happiness, love, and good health always. :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One hot summer day.

La Pinay

Adam and Eve

La Pinay with caramel drizzle

Deb and Isella :)

Francine . Deb . Isella

Isella, our high school best friend, took a leave from work and visited Francine and me. :) we never saw each other again since we graduated high school because their family moved to Laguna already. and now, here we are again, after SIX long years. :) but as if nothing changed. haha. we look the same, i think. but we're more mature now than before. when our conversation revolves around hair, clothes, and boys. this time, it's different. :) we talked about the good old times. asked about some of our batch mates, which some have their own families already. i can't believe how fast time flies. each of us graduated college already and works now. it's really nice to take time and meet once in awhile. :)

crepes and friends are a perfect way to escape the summer heat. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


poster made by my cousin Joy. :) she said it's inspired by the movie Up. haha. ;) it's cute, i love the small cars that goes up and down the hills. :)

we had a quick lunch at home after church. then i went back again for a meeting with the Sunday School teachers regarding our upcoming Vacation Bible School. here's Ama, Hans, Papa, and me. :)

round and round..

and back and forth.

that's what we did for dinner at Spiral in Sofitel. :) we had a double celebration because it was also Uncle Jimmy's birthday. :) i was feeling so sick after i came home from the meeting, but i don't want to disappoint my Dad so i joined dinner. and im glad i did. :) there's a wide selection of food.. and desserts! my favorite for the night were Escargot [an edible snail] soup (it may sound gross, but boy, it was so yummy! i finished eight bowls!), vanilla creme brulee, goose liver, and sushis. :) it was a great night with family. :)

time to hit the sack now.. im so sleepy already. my head hurts and i still have colds. but before i say goodbye, i'll leave you with a lovely picture of my love. :)

Christine Nicole. :)

so there. goodnight!! have a great week ahead. :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jen's Graduation

Happy happy graduation buddy!! :-)

my best friend Jen graduated last March 29, 2010. yes, this is a late post. better late than never. ;) im so proud and happy for her. :) though i wasn't able to attend the event at UST, im able to join their family for her graduation dinner at Mom and Tina's. :) i love the place - the food, the ambiance, the company. this place just brings back memories, and makes me nostalgic. :) this is one place that i'll always be happy to go back to. :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy Birthday PAPA!!! =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


im tired.

i don't know why i feel tired these past few... months. i miss being a student. where there are always holidays and breaks to look forward to. but when you're working, you work and work. there's no summer nor sem break. boo! in a nutshell, my life is this: work, tutor (work), eat, and church. in between, of course i also eat and sleep. and sometimes like tonight, i find time to blog. it's not that i don't love/like what im doing. it's just that i want to have a break. or else, i think ill burnout. :( really. i want to get away for awhile. when i was younger, travelling was hard because my Dad is always worried about me. but im a grownup now. when i tell my Dad my reasons, im sure he'll let me. :) i know, coz i tried. ;) i just want to get away from the city.. from the noise.. the pollution.. the computer. away from it all. just pure rest. :) who wants to go too? :) anywhere will do. but i have some local places in mind like Bohol, Ilocos, and Amanpulo! the last one is definitely impossible. hahaha! ;) for now, at least. :)

*change topic*

im craving for onion rings and Beard Papa creampuffs today. weird, i never craved for onion rings. haha. anyway, i just love to eat. eat. eat. :) and sleep. sleep. sleep. :O) it rained today! i loved it! :) okay, i know im so random. ill sign off now, prayer meeting tonight. bye!! :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


...is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Summer Conference 2010

off we go

last Wednesday, we left for Clark along with a lot of brothers and sisters who came from different places. the theme for this year's conference is Knowing Christ More. we had a stopover halfway to eat our lunch. :)

after morning devotion with Pau, Victoria, and Grace

Pau, Cathy, and RJ stayed with me in one room. Grace and others beside ours. :)

here's Baby Simon David. Michelle's baby :) he's sleeping soundly here and looks just like his brother Ethan. :)

break time :)

there's nowhere to go during break time except in our rooms. sometimes we sleep, shower, but often, we just talk. :) sometimes the silence, especially during mornings, is almost deafening. but i treasure it because for a short time, im able to have some quiet time away from the noise and pollution of the city. :)

after small group :)

Nancy and baby Katriel :)

during our last night, after i came back from Holiday Inn and after Grace's practice, we went to see Nancy and her baby girl. :) she's so cute with her rosy cheeks, only to find out that it was actually rashes. haha. ;)

the conference was abundant and beautiful. :) and im so grateful to be able to join. the messages shared by speakers were enlightening. :) the songs One Desire and Here I Am To Worship really touched my heart. :) the Lord spoke to me in many ways. and during prayer time in the breaking of bread meeting, i was once again reminded of His love for me. somehow in my heart the Lord is telling me that it is not the nails that held Him on the cross, but it was love. :) can we find another who can love us like that? someone who we leave and reject again and again but would still not give up on us? no one can. only Jesus. :)

may we live a life worthy of the calling. :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Auntie Julene!! :)