Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! :)

a baby and some random stuffs.

Baby Kenshin

Last Friday, Kerby gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Kenshin, who weighed 8.5lbs! :) He's so cute.. and huge. ;)

Today is the last day of October, and it's Halloween. :)

This morning, I was given a chance to share during our Youth Fellowship at church. I shared about the importance of obeying the will of God and its eternal value. :) I love the fact that whatever we do for God here on earth has eternal value in heaven. Because everything in this world will pass away one day. I hope what we do won't be in vain. :)

I wonder where we'll go tonight, but wherever that is, it would still be fun because I'm with the people I love most - my family. :)

Tomorrow, early in the morning, we'll be going to Manila Memorial Park in Cavite to visit our Grandpa's.

Currently loving..

Red Rock Deli's Lime and Black Pepper Potato Chips. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Nails

Last week, I booked with Celebrity Nails and tried their body massage. :) They offer home service spa treatments and nail care. :) I love that they bring all the things that they need, from the towels down to the oils/lotion, complete with a foldaway spa chair. :)

You can click the picture for a larger view of the price list. They have many celeb do service for them, so they really live up to their name. ;) Next time I'll try their spa pedicure. :) Nothing beats a good massage after a day's hard work. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

twenty . three .

Today, I turn 23. :) I'm old! It still didn't sunk into me that I'm 23. Whenever I fill up a form or something that asks how old am I, I still write 20. Life stops at 20? Haha! ;)

But seriously, I've learned a lot. :) Though we may have gone through hard times, these would only make us stronger as a person. :) Growing up, I've been taught to be thankful for what I have.. and for what I don't have. And there are so many things that are here now that I'm grateful for. :)

I'm grateful for fabulous friends (and good food!). :)

I'm thankful for family. :)

I'm blessed to have these two man in my life. My Dad and little brother. :)

What can I say? It's been such a great ride!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alabaster Jar

Tonight, we sang this song during the prayer meeting at church. It's a really nice song, and I thought of sharing it with you all. :)

Alabaster Jar

I. This alabaster jar
Is all I have of worth
I break it at Your feet Lord
It's less than You deserve
You're far more beautiful
More precious than the oil
The sum of my desires
And the fullness of my joy
Like You spilled Your blood
I spill my heart
As an offering to my King

Here I am, take me
As an offering
Here I am, giving every heartbeat
For Your glory
Take me.

II. This time that I have left
Is all I have of worth
I lay it at your feet Lord
It's less than You deserve
And though I have little strength
And though my days are few
You give Your life for me
So I will live my life for You
Like You spilled Your blood
I spill my heart
As an offering to my King

Worthy, worthy
You are worthy
Worthy is the Lord.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Oh October!

Hi all! :) it's October already. can you believe it? :) i woke up to a rainy Friday morning and im loving the weather. it makes me want to stay under the sheets all day. :) but i can't. boo. haha. im still home today, because we are repainting our house, and changing the outlets. :) so it's messy here. i can't wait to see the whole thing done. :) we've moved here 13 years ago and it's great to make a few changes now. :) i also think it's the perfect timing since my grandmother went abroad with her sisters for two weeks. :)

Did you notice anything new? yes, i changed the layout of my blog. :) time for some changes right? :) im pretty satisfied with this one compared to the old one. how about you?

Sorry for being quiet here. been too busy with work, work, work, and church stuffs. but you know that i always update whenever i have time right? :) i still got some things done, like finishing Nicholas Sparks' latest book - Safe Haven. :) have you read it? it's beautiful! as always. :) i recommend you to read it, it won't disappoint. :)

I also joined the career outing with some churchmates at Grande Island Resort in Subic. :) it was a fun trip, even if i almost puked while we were riding the boat to get to the other island. i love my room mates, especially Grace. of course. :)

And last but not the least, i finally found the time to renew my passport already! haha. :)

Till here friends! have a great month ahead! :)

No matter how busy you get, you make time for what you choose to have in your life.