Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Sudden.

on my way home Tuesday afternoon, i got a call that my auntie will not be able to come to our house because her husband, Uncle Wilson, is so sick and they need to bring him to the hospital. but we didn't know that it was so serious.

when we arrived the emergency room of UDMC (because it's the nearest hospital from their home), i saw many doctors and nurses surrounding his bed. IVs dripping.. giving him oxygen to help him breathe.. and many other wires that i don't know what for. he went in for a CT scan, and when the result came, the doctor said that a vein was ruptured, and the blood spread all throughout his brain. the place cannot be operated. and there's no way he can make it. =( he was transferred to the ICU and stayed there during the night.

the next morning, my cousin Aileen went to stay with him. the hospital doesn't allow anyone even relatives to stay in the ICU unless it's during the visiting hours. so she stayed at the waiting area. then the nurse came out and informed her that her dad's heartbeat is so fast and has fever at 42C!! it's the first time i heard someone with a temp so high! we later earned that the vein that was ruptured is the one in control of the body temperature. after awhile, the doctor said that the patient is unstable again. they tried to resuscitate him for 45minutes but the line in the monitor remains flat. he breathed his last, then he's gone. at 54years old. =( i wasn't there when it happened. only my cousin, her mom, my dad, and Uncle Ramon.

it's all so sudden. he didn't made it even for a day. =( he has highblood.. maybe that's why the vein ruptured. he also survived two strokes before.

we are not close personally, but i also have some good memories with him. he loves plants and animals. when you go to their house, there's dogs, birds, fishes, hamsters, rabbits, and a snake. it's like a mini zoo. ;) in their rooftop, you'll find different kind of plants and many orchids. :) im sad. but my heart really breaks for my Auntie Alice and my cousins. especially Aileen. =( we stayed at Sanctuarium last night and while she was telling me what happened in the hospital and some memories of her dad, tears were flowing and my heart broke into pieces. =( i love her so much and it's sad that i can't do anything that would lessen her pain. =(

today.. im blogging from Sanctuarium since there's free wifi and no visitors are around. i arrived this morning with my cousin Joy along with Erwin. i think we'll stay here till tonight. and they will be sleeping in our house. please pray for them. especially during this time.. when our words can't really do anything. but i believe that God is able to give them peace and comfort.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Love Happens

You're stuck. You can't move forward because you got your eyes on the rear-view mirror.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dear John

"Two weeks together... That's all it took.
Two weeks for me to fall for you.
I miss you so much it hurts.."

last Saturday, after a hearty lunch at Cibo, i was able to watch this movie with my bestfriend and her sister. :) among Sparks' novels, Dear John is the one i love most (i read it three times!). :) was the movie exactly the same as the novel? of course not. that would be impossible. but they were close, and they were able to capture the spirit of the story and the spirit of the characters. :)

his latest novel, The Last Song, is also being adapted into a movie too. it debuts on April 2. im looking forward to watching it. :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


is a great night.



..just being with you. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

was sick last week. literally everything in me, aches. but somehow, i managed to attend the funeral services on Wednesday and Saturday nights which was held by the Sunday School people and Student Group respectively.

a lot of people shared during Wednesday night - Sis. June, Bro. Robert, Sis. Helen, Sis. Gloria, Ruth, Rachel, Lindsey, Timmy, Sis. Judy, Sis. Omega, and Sis. Elizabeth. everyone shared their memories with Sien Si and i was moved to tears as i listened to each one. it made me come to know her better and realized how fleeting life is. that it's not what we have, but how we touch other people's lives which really matters.

on Saturday, i had the chance to share a few words at the wake. a lot of people was there. so many familiar faces too. and yesterday afternoon, they brought her remains at the Manila Memorial in Sucat. it's sad. but as everyone said, this is not a goodbye. because one day, i know that we will see each other again. and in that, i find comfort. :)

it's a Monday again. im glad it's almost over. i don't know what's with Mondays but i really don't like it. it's always back to. back to something we do normally. for my brothers, it's back to school. for me, it's back to work. which i don't really love. sigh.

im feeling much better now than last week. still have stuffy nose. but fever is all gone. thank God. :) tomorrow im going to undergo a test to check something. and sometime this week, im going to see a doctor again. please include me in your prayers. :)

during my free time, im reading again my book - Three Weeks With My Brother by (no other than) Nicholas Sparks. im a fan, i know you know that by now. :) im halfway through it, and it's really a GREAT book. :) i can read it over and over again. he's coming up with a new book again later this year. :) im excited. :)

im off to bed now. goodnight folks. :)