Wednesday, April 29, 2009

it's been a while

i haven't blogged for a few days, sorry for the lack of posts. because i've been busy and if i have time, im not in the mood to write. yes i know, my posts are getting boring. anyway, here are some bits and pieces that i want to share with you all (if there is any):

*after the prayer meeting last Sunday afternoon, we all went to visit Twa-I (my grandma's sister) in her house at Tandangsora. we watched PBA, played badminton (which i enjoyed very much :)), and had a heavy dinner! there were three big pizzas, chickens, chinese noodles, fresh fruits, ice creams, and chocolates. : )


Twa-I and Ama : )

Big and Small Daniel : )

*im planning to go somewhere within the country with some friends and maybe D. what's your favorite place here? i've been out of the country but never been anywhere outside Luzon, haha! i hope to find a good deal. : )

*our Vacation Bible School in church starts tomorrow. please pray for us and for the kids. : )

*i got my first ever salary today!! : ) hahaha. nothing to boast. but it feels great when i think that i really worked hard for it. : ) now i know, when you worked for it, it's not easy to spend it anymore especially on things that you don't need.

*while in work, i find myself getting hungry during early afternoons. im currently loving: fresh lumpia and dried mangoes. : )

*and another thing to be thankful for, Stellan is HOME!! : ) praise the Lord. i can only imagine how much pain they've gone through, but through their faith in God, millions around the world are inspired. including me. : )

till here! off to a small group. : )

Saturday, April 25, 2009


why do they keep on coming? : (


Friday, April 24, 2009


i worked for half day today and spent the afternoon at church. well, i just came home to eat then went back to church again. we practiced our VBS songs and steps with the rest of the choreo group. D was there to help me with the keyboards and he played the drum as well. before i came to church, i don't know why my hands was feeling so weak. weak to a point that it seems like i can't play the piano. : ( this really made me sad.. while waiting for the others to arrive, i stayed in a room and prayed to God. im not feeling well for a few days now. something happened tonight, and well, i just broke down in tears. : (

i love you, though i admit i know not what love truly means. and i probably love you with a selfish form of love. but i hope you'd stick around and help me learn what it really, truly means.

on another note, during tonight's meeting, i only listened to some who shared, and half of the time, i was only talking with Him. it's comforting to know that He knows how we feel even without words, and He's near even before the tears fall. : ) i feel better now. and i had dinner with D after church tonight so that just made my day again. : )

goodnight all! i hope to wake up early tomorrow to attend the morning devotion with the sisters. : )

Thursday, April 23, 2009

late post: surprise

for D's birthday, i gave him a surprise lunch with a few of our friends from college. : ) i asked Froi, who works with him, to help me keep it as a secret.

so on the 6th, i asked Daniel to go to Trinoma with me because i have to meet with someone. then we went to Contis and he was surprised to see them. : ) too bad Earl and Arvin wasn't able to come. but it was nonetheless a happy one. : )

i totally forgot to take pictures of the food we ate. until now, im still craving for their Mango Royale Salad.

present: D, me, XC, Jen, Froilan, Acy, and Xiao. : )

pictures all from XC. thank you!! : )

some of the crew sang a birthday song for him too. : ) i don't know why the cake looks a lot smaller here. but it's so delicious. : ) Happy 23rd. : )

Sunday, April 19, 2009

im scared

...of thunders. : ( really. if im not doing something here in my computer, i probably ran to my room and hid under my pillows. i wonder why it's raining now. good thing i didn't go out tonight.

i just went to church today. as usual, we had Sunday School during the morning. and attended two services afterward. after lunch, D and i also attended the prayer meeting. i forgot when was the last time i attended, really.

we also practiced this afternoon with the music and choreography group of our upcoming Vacation Bible School. : ) the songs are not easy to play i tell you. but all in all, we had fun. : )

another week came and went, and it's Monday again tomorrow. oh well, let's learn to get over Mondays, haha. ; )

Saturday, April 18, 2009

God has a special plan in mind
When He created someone kind,
A person blessed with dignity and pride...
He gave that person generous love,
Strong faith with guidance from above,
And placed a great and tender heart inside.
Then God, according to His plan,
Provided for this special man
A family if his own to love and raise.
So, faithfully, the man believed
And, blessed by love, his own received
The gifts God gave through him
in endless ways...

And though his children now are grown,
He's still providing for his own
A love like that, like the Lord, is strong and great -
He's a father, God's work of art,
Whose caring nurtures many hearts
With love that took a lifetime to create!

Happy Birthday, DAD!! : )

Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Eman!!! : )

my airsoft-and-computer-addict friend is now a year older!! but not anymore since he's now busy with his work as a banker. wow. more power to you and Francine!!! love you both. : )

*picture taken 2years ago.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hot HOT summer

here are some pictures from the conference. : ) the first three pictures came from Ivy. thanks Ivy!! : ) these girls are so fun to be with. even though im the youngest among them, i still enjoy their company very much. : )

it's getting hotter and hotter each day. even with the aircon and electric fan on, i can still feel the heat. and because of that, Hannah's nose has been bleeding on and off for five days already. poor sweetie. the doctor gave her a nasal spray already - Sterimar. the doctor said because the nostrils are so dry already that's why it's bleeding. children have nosebleed, while adults have heatstroke. yikes.

work today went well. sales are good too. : ) and during the afternoon, my second cousin Daniel (same name with D!!) came to our office. he's so cute! especially when he starts to talk. haha! so hyper too. he can't sit still for a minute!

i really want to go to the beach!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

04. 14. 09

i stated working yesterday. : ) for the meantime, i'll be working on our family business. not with my Dad since i don't know anything about car business, but with my grandmother. frankly speaking, im really struggling on whether i'll go there or not. because i didn't took up a business course. i want to work in a lab, not in an office. but anyway, i went and started working after holy week. so far, so good. : ) it's tiring, yes. but it's fun too. since i love to talk, i think i'll be enjoying my stay there because i love to sell. when i was younger, i remember selling my stickers when i was in my elementary years, my magazines, my clothes, my bags, and Lacoste shirts. ; )

as i came home from church tonight and browsed through folders of pictures, i saw these and reminded me about a chapter of my life that ended, but something new started too. : )

i miss them a lot. : )

my girls - Jen and Kara : )

Me, Jen, Ma'am Azares, and Daniel : )

as we go on..

my Love : )

Sunday, April 12, 2009

im back.

hello! how's everyone? how'd you spent your Holy Week? i went with our church to the Summer Conference at Clark and just came home this afternoon. it was SO HOT when i got home!! yup, it's officially summer.

im so blessed during my stay there.
thank you Lord. : ) at first, i hated where my room is located because there's no signal unless you get out of the room. and if you know me well enough, you know i hate staying in a place where there is poor signal. i just don't like it. so all i want is to finish the conference and be back and continue with my life.

but the Lord had other plans.

He made me realized that being there is not an accident, that He has a purpose for each and everyone of us. the theme of our conference is
The Testimony of the Church During the End Times. in every session, the Lord spoke to me. even if i don't want to listen. we are living at the latter part of the end times. and as the end is coming near, the days will become more and more difficult. isn't it so? when we read the newspapers, open the television, surf the net, we keep on hearing about the financial crisis.. people losing jobs, losing loved ones. people dying, accidents happen.. and so on. we now live in a scary time. honestly, im scared too. im scared that when the Lord comes, i'll be left behind. im scared because i know im not yet ready.. to face the Lord. i know i didn't live my life the way i should live it, the way He want me to. a speaker shared that the Lord wants to come already, but He is still giving us time to prepare. and that we are living in a time of extreme darkness. but God's people should be the light of the world. when people see us, they should see Christ in us. and God is our source of light. a lot of times, we live in darkness. we do things that we shouldn't do. but God sees our heart, He knows all about it. while running this race, we should look to the Lord. not to our left or right, not even on our back, so we won't fall.

someone prayed "Lord, even if we fall over and over again, we won't quit. we'll keep on standing up and run the race you have set before us..". im blessed by his prayer, and i know God heard it. i prayed silently in my heart. i told the Lord about my fears about the future, on falling into temptation, that i don't know how and if i ever will know how to forgive, i confessed my sins, and renewed my vow again. after that, i just felt so peaceful and joyful inside.

i encourage you to give your life to the Lord too. though we fail, yet we don't give up because in our defeats we learn how to be victorious in Christ. : ) we may forget the vows we made to the Lord but He will never forget and He will be the One to fulfill it in His time. let us be more than conquerors.

im sick now so im off to bed. goodnight, all. and Happy Easter! the tomb is empty!! : )

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

04. 07. 09

Happy Birthday Auntie Julene!! : )

we'll be leaving tomorrow for our Summer Conference in Clark, Pampangga. and we'll be back on Sunday afternoon. im not sure if im really ready to go yet.. but we'll just see what happens. till then.

updates when i get back. : )

have a happy vacation this week everyone! off to bed. : )

Monday, April 6, 2009

L - O - V - E isn't an emotion isn't some giddy, heart-palpitating, pupils-dilating, pulse-pounding feeling isn't having your knees shaking when you hear his voice, or feel his touch isn't taking you out to the nicest places, giving you the most expensive presents isn't being taken cared of, being pampered, being spoiled isn't LUST isn't being practical

What is IT?

IT is letting go, and making yourself vulnerable

IT is STAYING, even on the BAD and UGLY days

IT is being PATIENT despite the petty, unresolvable quarrels

IT is a SINCERE smile, or a hug, or a look

IT is the sweet little somethings we sometimes take for granted




IT is the BEST friendship.

IT is YOU.

Why do I love thee?

I love YOU, just BECAUSE I do.

*Happy Birthday Dear!! : )

I WISH for a whole weekend with YOU,

away from reality.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Manila International Auto Show

yesterday, we went to World Trade Center to see the
Manila International Auto Show. : ) there were so many beautiful cars. from the newest models, down to the old and antique ones. i now appreciate cars more because i already know how to drive one. : )

we were also fortunate to be able to watch Russ Swift - the world's number one precision driver - do a drifting show. the entrance fee didn't include this one, so you have to pay an additional 100php to watch it. but i tell you, it's worth it. : ) he was so gooood!!! : ) everybody were amazed by his drifts. but the little boy beside me was crying.. i think he was shocked. in some parts, he asked some people to volunteer to get in the car while he was driving. around five of them were lucky to be chosen. here are some pictures during the show:

Russ Swift

after the show, we bought some foods at Jollibee before going home. how i love their palabok! : )

Saturday, April 4, 2009

quick post

it's a rainy Saturday morning here. im feeling cold. and i have LBM. : ( hay. made myself a cup of hot chocolate with lotsa marshmallows.. want some? : ) i'll do a quick post then ill bring Hannah to the dentist to have her teeth checked.

so i'll just share some of Daniel's shots...

i thinks he's really becoming good at it. : ) i surprised him with a tripod last week so he won't have a hard time trying not to move when the exposures are high. : )

gotta go. bye for now. : )

Friday, April 3, 2009

this is it.


today is the BIG day. our graduation day finally came. like what a friend of mine said, it takes a while to sink in.. but yes, it feels GREAT. : ) actually, i just realized it tonight - school is over!! it feels happy and sad at the same time.

i'll miss doing lab works, titrating, waiting for our endpoint in quanti chem, ashing, doing MCs, taking notes of teachers who talk faster than a lightning (-Ma'am Azares! haha!), running around the lobby to find your prof just to pass something, wearing the same labgown for years, cutting monthly mass, selling foods for our mass pro, going to NSO for our feasib, spending the whole day at the library like it's your second home next to Annex, walking through flood streets inside the campus(!), anticipating Paskuhan every year and watch fireworks, waking along the field after class, having boring/cool/kind/gay profs, walking along Lover's Lane, walking under the arch, standing on the top of main building, buying ourselves siomai/dumpling rice at the car park, getting pissed the moment you find out how much you have to pay for your lab breakages... i could go on and on, but i think all im saying is..
i'll miss my college life.
i'll miss my friends / classmates.


thank you to everyone who walked with me through this journey. : )

a more detailed post about the event in the coming days. my mind is still somewhere else.

i think i need to wipe off my makeup and get some rest. yes, ill do that. now. buona notte! : )

Thursday, April 2, 2009

hair talk and gifts

tomorrow will be our graduation day. : ) yey! one more sleep to go. and i got two gifts from my aunties today.

a book from Auntie Cherry

red patent sandals from Auntie Julene

anyway.. it's our second to the last day of driving. and i can say we're doing pretty well. : ) but we still don't know how to park yet! haha. after that, i bought some popcorn, a chiffon slice, fresh lumpia, and water.. then, guess where i went? to the parlor! haha! i had my hair rebonded. : ) i actually do this twice a year. and only one person makes it for me - Ferdie. yeah, i know you don't know him. i just want to mention his name hehe. he always come to our house and make my hair. for a price alot cheaper than the one in salons. he works for ABS-CBN and Salon de Manila before so he's that good. but late last year, i heard he went abroad. and i can't reach him now. my hair is really not okay already, so i decided to have it done today. : ) Alda referred me to that salon since she had her hair done there before and it's not bad too. im satisfied with the result too. but let's wait until i rinse it off to see the final result. : ) i sat there for.. SEVEN hours. tsk. i was so bored and there are times when i really want to get up and go home haha. im glad i didn't. ; )

till here. goodnight blog world!! : )


Marriage isn't fireproof.

Fireproof doesn't mean the fire will never come. It means when the fire comes that you will be able to withstand it.

The sad part about it is, when most people promise for better or for worse, they really only mean for the better.

i first heard about this movie from my Uncle. then from Sab. finally, i already downloaded it from the internet and got to watch it last Monday night. it touched my heart. : )

i love it and highly recommend everyone to watch it. unlike most movies nowadays, which have very shallow story plot and no lesson to pick up from it, Fireproof is different. it tells of a story about a couple - Caleb and Catherine - who are married for seven years who have drifted so far apart that they want to give up their marriage already. yet Caleb's dad let him try an experiment: the Love Dare. a 40 day journal which lets Caleb do something each day for his wife. like making a cup of coffee for her, a dinner, washing the dishes.. and so on. little things that could mean a lot. eventually, he came to believe in God with the help of his parents. long story short, they finally got back together and renewed their vows. : )

watch it! i bet you'd love it too. ; )

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

driving 101 - day 3

it's our third day of driving lessons. we enrolled in a five-day, one hour per day course. : ) so far, i learned the basics like the right seating position, uses of the pedals, shifting of gears, when to use horns, how to control, start and stop the vehicle. not bad. what do you think?

we are driving a manual Toyota Vios car. so there are three pedals. the clutch pedal, is used to stop the vehicle and shift the gear. the brake pedal is used to stop the vehicle and to slow down. and (my favorite) the gas/accelerator is used to speed up.

we have one hour each so we take turns and we use one car for the both of us so we can be together. here's Alda while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. : )

and here i am, entertaining myself while taking (my) pictures to avoid falling asleep.

i think our instructor noticed me taking pictures, so he asked me to read this - The Filipino Driver's Manual. to read while the car was running? no no. so i just browsed through the pages. and to my delight, it has colored illustrations in it. haha!

day 4 tomorrow. : )

D and i had lunch together after our driving lessons while Alda had lunch with Renz too. : ) because i didn't take breakfast before leaving the house, i finished up a Fully Loaded meal from KFC. yum!! D ordered the same too. then we went to their home and i met her two Aunties who came from Australia. they will be attending Daniel's grandfather's birthday celebration this coming Monday. we talked and talked and they were so nice to me. : )

Happy April Fools' Day! : )


Happy Happy Birthday APPLE!!! : )
i miss you, a lot.

*that picture was taken last July 2007 at a hanging bridge during our retreat in Caleruega. it's a beautiful place. it also bought back a lot of memories when i think of it now.

*Pomme is apple in Italian. : ) Apple loves Italian and the frizzante in my user name in my Multiply account and here came from her. frizzante means sparkle. i love all things that sparkle, which explains why i love to use glitters when decorating almost anything. : )