Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday to my great friend GRACE!!!! :)
love love you. :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

midnight madness

im still here. i haven't written in, hmm, two weeks!! haha. a lot of things are on my mind. so many things to post.. so many stories to tell. but don't know where to start.

im going crazy. there are times when im just so happy already.. and then unexpectedly, when i think about it, the pain becomes overwhelming. :( why do i have to go through this?? seesh.

anyway.. here are some pictures from last weekend.

we are changing group assignments in church. starting this week, it will be with new sisters already. so Grace invited us to her house last Friday. she ordered two large pizzas from Shakey's and shared some of her thoughts. :)
only four of us made it. but it's alright. Grace, Meliza, Czezhen, and I had a great time eating and talking. :) can you believe that there were only two slices of pizza left??! haha!

here's Grace and Me. :) i stayed longer since i only have to cross the street to get home. :)

i joined visitation tonight. this time with Grace and Michelle. :) Grace, Michelle, Pau, and I will be on the same group. we went to see Jessica, Charm, and Chariz. i was enlightened when Grace shared about us not being of this world. she made an example - like we were going on a vacation somewhere else, like in Spain. when you're there, you don't buy yourself a car or a house.. because you don't live there. you'd still come back to your home where you came from. likewise, we should not invest in this world. because even if we are in this world, we are not of this world.

im reminded tonight of God's faithfulness once again.

it's already past twelve. why am i still awake? i really don't know why. as if the darkness brings so much to contemplate upon..

sleep is important, sleep is wanted by my body, why won't i give it? my mind tells me that too, but i don't know, i can't seem to grant it to me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

thank you for getting me this book.

Friday, September 4, 2009


it's finally Friday, a rainy one at that. :) im so happy.. wait, that doesn't seem to be the right word. more than happiness, i feel joy. :) it's been awhile since i felt this way. well, there are a lot of things to be happy. first off, it's Friday! then i bought the siopaos i've been craving for eversince Grace let me tried it on Tuesday. im gonna get the book i've been looking forward to for months tomorrow! and i have a new friend. :)

i can't write down all the details. but all i can say is, i think that sometimes, God uses friends to show His love for us. :)

i attended our practice with the rest of the worship team tonight for Sunday at church, i finished earlier so i waited for Grace to finish her practice too. she came over and we watched our favorite telenovela. haha! ate the siopaos, drank my favorite cranberry juice, and talk. :)

off to bed in awhile. have a happy weekend everyone! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Weekend at Caylabne

during the long weekend, i joined the career gathering along with some brothers and sisters. we all went to Caylabne Bay Resort in Ternate, Cavite. we left after the Praise and Worship. the ride was longer than what i expected. there were zigzags.. we went uphill, and downhill. i was feeling sleepy and dizzy at the same time, but the people in the car were always fun to be with. :) there's Bro. Allen, Sis. Lydia, little Jade, the yaya, Koo, Candy, Sarah, Grace, and me.

we were one of the firsts who arrived. so we helped in distributing the snacks to each room and in giving some of the keys. im in the same room with Koo, Candy, and Grace. :) the room looks a little bit old, actually the whole place is a little bit old. but if there's one thing i love there - it's the FOOD! haha. ;) after dinner we had one meeting where Bro. Eden and Bro. Moses shared a few words. they shared about glorifying God in our work, in choosing our friends, especially our lifetime partners. it was really encouraging. :)

after the meeting, we went night swimming. :) too bad Grace and Candy wasn't there. i think we got up around past 11pm. it was so cold while we were walking back to our rooms. but it's okay, D was just beside me.. and that made me want to freeze time. haha. :) we took pictures together before i finally went back to my room.

after breakfast the next day, there were some group games. i only joined the first two. Ruth, Rachel, Judith, Cyrus, Daniel, and i rented a motor boat and went snorkeling. :) we really enjoyed the ride and the view. :) there were waves.. and big rocks, and some caves too. :) we got so far that we cannot see the land anymore. then we came down. honestly, there were no corals at all! but we saw some fishes.. and blue starfishes. :) on our way back, D was feeling nauseous. until we reached the island, he was still feeling bad. luckily someone gave us meds, and he was okay again. :)

i showered after lunch, and played charades with some sisters. it was so much FUN! :) so tired i fell asleep for awhile. and we left already. we were the last one who left the place, but Koo drove real fast. we stopped by Blue Wave and ate dinner at Gerry's Grill. :) im so RED here, and until now, my arms and legs still hurt so bad that i cannot wear anything fitted because of the sunburn. but it's all worth it. :) it feels good to get away from this busy city once in awhile. :)

the ber months are here again! and some people are starting to countdown the days till Christmas. ;) a sweet friend just gave me an ointment today for my sunburn, hopefully these will be gone by weekend. :)

Happy Birthday Koo!! :)