Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Jen's 24th

At your worst,
At your best,
I'll always be by your side. :)

Happy Birthday Buddy!!
I love you to bits!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Don't Think

...we should ever stop encouraging each other

...having an easy life would be wonderful

...we should all have the same dreams

...I will ever stop learning

...there is anything impossible with God

...we should judge each other

...perfection is possible

...I'll ever like flies and cockroaches

...our economy is recovering

...having less means living less

...living in a tiny house is all that bad

...watching the the sunset will ever lose its amazement

...you can ever find yourself when you're trying to be someone else

...my life will ever be boring

...we can comprehend God's love for us.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Bestfriend's Wedding.

After almost a week of non stop rain, I was so worried for my bestfriend's wedding which will take place in a garden. I was praying hard, hoping that the rain would stop even just for awhile. And thankfully, it did! :)

I arrived early, and went to see her in her room.

I remembered the times when we were seatmates in our Logic class, still getting to know each other. Then we were just inseparable. We'd always be together working in our laboratory, studying in the library, hanging out in her Mom's office, walking along the hanging bridge in Caleruega, crying our hearts out, and just being there with each other.

After we graduated, sure we did have different paths laid before us. I have to help out with the family business, while she worked in a food company. But despite our busy schedules, we'd still make time for each other. And no matter what happens, I know that our friendship would only grow stronger as time passes.

On this day, I saw my bestfriend marry the love of her life. A relationship tried and tested through time. And I can't give her away, than I can give away my heart. I'm so happy for them. And I just try to hold back my tears as to not ruin my makeup (haha!), but I can't help it anymore when I saw her dance with her Dad. It's just love in the purest form.

Best wishes Buddy!! :)

Jean and Debbie. :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sunday School Teachers' Outing 2011.

Pardon my absence. Was so busy that I hardly have time to update my blog. :( But I'll always come back here. After all, I love to write so I won't forget. :)

Just this Monday, we had our annual Sunday School Teachers' Outing. This time we went to La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas. It was raining cats and dogs during Sunday night and I can't help but think how will our outing will push through. I hardly slept, and when I finally got out of bed around 4am to prepare, it was still raining. We left at exactly 5am, and it was a long drive - 4hours! Amazingly, there was no rain when we arrived, and the sun came out too! :) Twas the perfect weather. :)


My girls - Dianne and Rachel :)


We climbed this huge rock and the view was breathtaking :)

With Timmy :)

in Red :)

It only rained a little in the afternoon, and on our way home. :) It feels great to be back in the beach, and away from Dramanila once in awhile. :) With the people close to your heart. In this case - my co teachers. Can you believe that I've been with them for 11years already?? Time flies. :) Some people say that maybe I could just take a break from it. But I'll stay. Coz I know that in the end, only what's done for Him has eternal value. :)

Have a happy (rainy) weekend everyone!! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Prayer and God's Plans

"If God is sovereign, then he is in control of the details of my life.
If he is loving, then he is going to be shaping the details of my life for my good.
If he is all-wise, then he's not going to do everything I want because I don't know what I need.
If he is patient, then he is going to take the time to do all this.
When we put all these things together -- God's sovereignty, love, wisdom, and patience -- we have a divine story.

People often talk about prayer as if it is disconnected from what God is doing in their lives. But we are actors in his drama, listening for our lives, quieting our hearts so we can hear the voice of the Playwright.

You can't have a good story without tension and conflict, without things going wrong. Unanswered prayers create some of the tensions in the story God is weaving into our lives."

-from A Praying Life by Paul E. Miller

Sunday, May 29, 2011

At Koo's




Playing charades

At Koo's House. 05. 29. 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

I just love this. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


After work today, I met up with my friend Alda - who's also a busybee like me haha. :) But I'm so thankful that despite our busy schedules, we still found time to be together. So I shared what I'm going through these past few days... And even if it still pains me, I'm so thankful to have great girlfriends who's always there for me. :) Always ready to listen, even if they don't really know what to say about it. :)

It's been a week since I can't eat properly. Today, we both had Cookies and Cream Frap at a small coffee shop near our place. And shared a pasta. :) Then just talked the night away and she drove me home. :)

And oh, she gave me some gifts which she got me from her Bora trip just this holy week. Soo nice! I'll try to post some pictures if I have time. :)

Countdown: It's been 2days, 9hours, and 34minutes.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One week.

It's been

one week

since that day

when you shared

one of your

happiest moments

in life

with me.


exactly a week ago...

Everything just

feels so


So far.

So cold.

And I don't

know how

to put

into words

what I feel.

Are there

any words


No more.

Nothing now.

Maybe later.

Or maybe not

anymore. :(

I'm so


Monday, May 2, 2011

Too good to be true.

I have to admit, I'm really a bad blogger. Haha! It's been soooo long since I've made an update. Bear with me. :)

I've been really sad this past few days. And though I (we) know that I won't be able to right down all the details, I'd try to write some of my feelings because it's really hard to keep it all inside. If I can just put all these into one sentence, it would be - Too good to be true. Some things make me happy, but it makes me scared because it can't be true. And I know, it is not true. Can't be true.

I've been losing my appetite. Even if I'm really hungry, I just can't eat. Just few bites, and I'm done. Please pray for me. :)

Last weekend upto today, we just held our annual Vacation Bible School in church. And I'm blessed to be part of it again. :) Seeing all the kids.. without any worries.. makes me wanna be a kid again. To just be satisfied with whatever is given to me.

Hope to be okay real soon.

Goodnight world.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Happy 11th Birthday my dear Shobe. :)

My millennium baby is now all grown up! But I love her just the same. :)

She's the sweetest thing.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Excited :)

I'm so excited to tell you that Angie Smith has a new book - What Women Fear. :) It's release date is September 1, 2011. I can't wait to read it and share it with you all. :) Angie's faith in God inspired many, including me. :) I've been following her blog for years now. And if you haven't read it, I encourage you to visit. :)

Till here folks. :)