Sunday, August 31, 2008


went to school already yesterday. : ) but still not used to long hours of work in the lab. super init kahapon! bakit kaya.. went to church nadin last night. nice to see the people again. especially grace and koo, haha. : ) back to work in sunday school today too.. yey. i missed the kids. kahit makulit sila, they never fail to make me smile. : ) im excused from our meeting this afternoon. buti nalang.. im soo sleepy.

i met up with francine after church. sabi ng mom nya kamukha ko daw shoti ko.. eh hindi shoti ko kasama ko. si daniel!! wah.. i don't look older than him. haha. anu ba yan..

candy returned my book already. i forgot to bring "the choice". sorry candy.. next week nalang. : )

Friday, August 29, 2008


happy birthday michelle! i wish you happiness always. thank you for the friendship. : )


yey nakaligo nku! hahaha. im sooooooo happy. : ) i feel alot better today. and i'll try to go back to school tomorrow. parang nag ffloat pa ako while walking but its alright. di pa siguro sanay masyado. daniel came here after work. i missed him. : ) kakauwi lang nya. weekend nanaman tomorrow.. ang bilis! i don't wanna attend the meeting this sunday. pwede ba aku ma-excuse? haha. i know its gonna be boring. yung last month na meeting namin super tagal but i can't remember anything we discussed that was really important. hay..

i look fat in the picture above. wala na kasi kaming ibang picture ni michelle. haha. by the way, michelle is daniel's younger sister. : ) and a good friend too. : )

gotta sleep na.. classes start at 7am tomorrow. do pray for me. goodnight! : )

Thursday, August 28, 2008


what do i know for sure? we must choose love.

it may require

it may require

it may require
letting go.

but choose
and it will be honored.
and it will be right.
and it will bless others as much as i was blessed tonight. : )

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

our house... overflowing with milk!! hahaha. madami nag padala ng milk sakin.. im like a milking cow haha :)) para ata tumaba ako. im not complaining though, natatawa lang ako kasi lahat ng flavors ng cowhead meron dito. hehe. parang land of milk and honey. pabili nalang ako ng honey.

im feeling much better now. and im hoping i can take a bath na! super hirap. i can't go out padin.. because of the red spots. pero konti nalang talaga : ) i can play the piano nadin kanina.. that's a good sign : ) nag padala din ng spaghetti si auntie julene kanina, yum! : ) meron din nag padala ng maltesers and skittles : ) want some? kaya dapat gumaling naku para makain ko na yun.

i was talking with candy awhile ago over ym.. she finished reading the book i borrowed her - three weeks with my brother by nicholas and micah sparks. she liked it : ) it was a good book. a moving one and it will make you see what makes a family strong. im lending her "the choice" this sunday if we meet. : )

i miss school! jen told me that there's the book sale again in the ust hospital. sana maabutan ko pa. para bili ulit kami ng coloring books haha. i love books.. i also love colors. : )

can't wait to be back : )

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


just came home today from the hospital. i was confined during saturday morning because my temperature keeps on going up and i was already so weak. i was also rushed to the emergency room friday midnight due to vomitting. : ( hay. the IV was so painful especially when antibiotics were given. i was diagnosed with rubella - german measles. yun pala yun ;) my liver was also slightly affected because my SGPT level went beyond normal.. which is really scary. ang hirap.. i wanna go back to school. i wanna take a bath!!! haha. and i wanna eat yummy foods again hehe. nung una kala nila dengue fever, so they kept on extracting blood from me. : (

thank you to everyone who visited, texted, called, and prayed. i really appreciate it. : ) sorry i wasn't able to reply to everyone because my hands were really swelling. thank you to my cousin, aileen, for staying with me for two nights.. and to daniel for taking care of me during during the day. : ) of course to my dad for being so patient the whole time.

after being hospitalized, i realized that we SHOULD be grateful for the life we have. we have only one life.. one body. if we don't take care of it, then we aren't making good use of what was given to us. i should be strong to take care of others, not to be taken care of and be a burden anymore. after all, im a grown-up already (kahit na pinagkamalan akong high school. is that an insult or a compliment? haha). my assignment: drink lots and lots of water. kasi water daw is the best medicine hehe. oh well.

by the way, there's this someone who really pissed me off. she took advantage of me being sick. YOU still managed to get my attention. tsk tsk. loser.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


im sick. : ( i knew it was coming. hay.

please include me in your prayers. thanks.

Monday, August 18, 2008


its a holiday. so no classes and no work. : ) daniel and i watched wall-e today. the visuals and story was good. ang sweet ni wall-e kay eve. hehe. watch it : ) i also bought a book from powerbooks - the rescue by nicholas sparks. i read it already before but i only borrowed it from our library. next time pag may time basahin ko ulit. : ) after the movie, we ate at cafe breton. i super love their crepes.. especially la pinay and nutella. dati meron lang yun sa podium, greenbelt, and trinoma. this time meron narin sa robinsons midtown. : ) yey di na malayo. didn't stay long coz i have to go home to tutor my cousin hannah. di padin tapos exams nila. last na this week.. then im free! hehe.

i miss francine. its been awhile since we last saw each other.. i remember when she was still in school, we'd watch movies after classes, eat quick lunches at cheap carinderias (porkchop and liempo) and aristocrat (our favorite), having sessions at tapsi, walk in the rain, carry big plastic bags of lacoste shirts (yeah dami benta pag christmas haha), go to our dentist, and of course our number one love, shopping! haha. who doesn't? all of these are of course what we usually do before.. when we have all the time in our hands. we're growing older.. she's working already and im graduating soon. but im glad that after all these years, our friendship just keeps on going stronger. its been twelve years, may we see more to come. beyond distance, physical presence, and time.. we still have each other. : ) and no one can change that.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

falling deeper

the sun is falling, everything seems so clear, so beautiful, despite that darkness is about to overtake it all in a few moments.

i guess life as we know it is filled with things we do not know or understand. certain things may not be certain at all, but what is there to lose in living a full life with such a wonderful being?

to be able to smile is a blessing indeed. : )

Saturday, August 16, 2008


happy birthday my dear kara! : )

kara is my thesis-mate, my tour guide (kahit san mu sya dalhin, marunung padin sya umuwi.. kahit sa baguio pa! haha.), my summer buddy, drinking buddy (before), my teacher (she answers most of my questions), and most of all, my friend. : )

hey you, sana mag ka-work padin tayo after grad! : ) sayang di tayo nag kita. may sakit ka kasi. get well soon. i hope your miracle came today.


after my test in food pack, i accompanied daniel to the dentist to have his braces adjusted. then we went to makati to buy a second hand laptop. acer aspire 4920G. yey! we got it at a nice deal : ) yan di na kami share.. mas love na nya laptop nya haha.

i cooked clam chowder for our dinner. its yummy. : ) i wanna try baking.. someday.

its a long weekend. : )

Friday, August 15, 2008


its raining so hard.. so gloomy.

currently :
-studying for exams tomorrow in food pack
-eating dinner
-writing chords for the song i have to play

i love the way you looked with your hair wet. i felt as though you're the only one i could see. the rain seemed to have blurred everything else.

i knew i didn't want to run in the rain with anybody else...


Happy Birthday Hans! : )

Hans is my little brother.. who's not-so-little anymore. hehe. i remember when we used to fight when we were younger. tapos sabi samin ni angkong bebenta na isa samin para di na kami mag away lagi haha. kakatakot. but as we grew older, mas naging close na kami. like now. : ) he's so kind to fetch me from school especially if it's raining hard. and when i say it's raining, and you're in UST, tsk tsk.. baha! and mabait yan kasi pag mag papadeliver sya ng food late at night, lagi nya ako nililibre ng cheeseburger deluxe from mcdo. yum!! : )

may you grow more in the Lord. i wish you all the best.. love you bro. : )


jen, kara, and i went to trinoma yesterday to watch sassy girl. but its not showing anymore. sayang. so nag shop nalang kami and kara had a haircut. : ) dami din namin nakain. we went to mister kabab at west avenue to have lunch. jen's post birthday treat.. thanks jen! : ) birthday na ni kara tomorrow.. sabi nya she needs a miracle daw haha. kawawa naman kara.. she's sad. si *** kasi e.. bad! hmp!


rained hard last night.

good morning everyone : )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


this is my first post. : ) let me see.. im keeping a journal for three years now, this time i'll try to have a blog as well. not too personal though. na-inspire ako ni candy gumawa ng blog. she was keeping one since 2003 and its always updated. she's a good writer that she can already compile everything and make a book, haha. : )

just got home from dinner with grace at crepe de chine. : ) finally natuloy din. it was postponed for how many weeks na. i had pasta nepolitina while grace tried creamy bolognese. mas masarap sakanya! haha. the pasta was soaked in too much olive oil. oh well.. the mangoteena crepe was good. dami din kami pinagusapan. from food, to tv shows, to people, about school, work, and church. pero nag kita lang kami kagabi, haha. we just love to talk.. and talk, and talk. good food + good company. : )

im looking forward to september 30! nicholas sparks' next book is coming. : ) who'll be sweet enough to give me one? : )