Sunday, January 31, 2010


a lot of things happened yesterday...

my friend, Grace, is a big fan of Kim and Gerald. so last December, she was telling me about a movie that the two are going to make and that she wants us to watch it. yup, i know you know and heard about the movie - Paano Na Kaya. ;) it's been a long time since i've watched a Filipino movie. im not fond of watching the telly either. id rather sleep. hehe. so came Saturday, and we went to the mall early in the morning and bought tickets for the movie.

her two sisters, Joy and Hannah joined us too. :) but Joy didn't watched the movie. we had lunch together at Sbarro - baked zitti in white and tomato sauce, two slices of white pizza, cream of mushroom soup, and raspberry iced tea. we were full. ;) after lunch, we went to the movie house already and got a good seat. :) it ran for almost two hours. i rarely appreciate a Filipino flick because of same storylines, but in all fairness, i can say that the movie is a good one. :) i won't spill it here, just watch for yourself. :) but if you're like my cousin, who'd rather wait for a DVD copy, wait for awhile then. :)

i saw some trailers of movies coming up. im looking forward to seeing Dear John. it's a novel by Nicholas Sparks that's been adapted into a movie just like The Notebook, A walk To Remember, Nights In Rodanthe, and Message In A Bottle.. and it's one of my favorite books!! :) it's showing next week, February 5. :)

after dinner, though i am really tired, i attended church. and.. you know what happened next.

on other news, my Uncle and his wife came here this Monday (which was supposed to be last Saturday but was delayed because he got sick) for a visit before returning to the States again. they went to Taiwan to buy some things that they need for the church, and came here for awhile before going home again.

i entertained them while they stayed in our house. :)

and he was kind enough to reformat my really sick and slow computer. i saved some of my files in Drive D because this is what everyone told me to do.. and some in USBs. when he finished doing my computer, changing it from Windows Vista to the more simple Windows XP, voila! all my files in Drive D are erased!! haaayy. :( all my schoolworks, some pictures, the soft copy of our thesis, are all there. :( well.. im done being sad with it. because i know no matter what i do, i can't take it back anymore. but i can say that im so pleased with how fast my comp is running now. :) makes the things get done easier and faster. :) BUT! (another but) i don't have a picture editor! i can't crop, edit, adjust my pictures. and that. is. sad. anybody knows where i can get one? thanks in advance! :)

they are currently based in San Jose, California and they are telling me stories on how different life is there from what we have here. obviously, it's so overcrowded here. well, at least here in Binondo. from the time you set foot outside your house, you'll see people and cars everywhere. and im sick of it!! i wanna go somewhere else. in their place, is where people go to work. Yahoo, Google, and all these computer companies are just a walk away from their home. houses are far from each other too. unlike here where people literally live above each other's houses - condos. they drive to get somewhere, while we usually walk here. one thing that's good here? the food. haha! i can't live eating burgers everyday. and for that, im still thankful. :)

this morning during our Sunday School, all the teachers wore white. and it's really sad. you can see some crying.. while other eyes are so puffed from crying the night before. Sis. May Hwa, or Sien Si Bi Hwa (as i call her), is one of the great teachers in Sunday School. she has a BIG heart for everyone. and it's still sad to know that from today on, every Sunday, i won't be seeing her anymore. :(

i came home earlier and didn't finished the youth fellowship because i felt that im having a fever.. and im right. so after taking meds, i slept for awhile while waiting for Grace to finish the prayer small group at church. after that, we went to Sanctuarium together with Koo and Candy to visit. a lot of people were there too.

im home now. i didn't joined my family in a birthday party tonight because i don't feel well yet. my head aches. my body aches. i have sorethroat too. but my temperature is normal at 37.3. finishing this now.. and will sleep already.

tomorrow is a start of a new month and we're saying bye bye to January already. fast.

goodnight people! :) hope to hear from you too soon. :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Big Loss

i am so SAD. :(

just tonight during our church meeting, i received a text message and learned that my piano teacher, Sis. May Hwa, went to be with the Lord already. :( i called to confirm it, and it's true.

i just couldn't believe it. even now as i type this. it's just so sudden.

she's such a joyful person. she's a big loss to everyone around her. :(

we lost a mother, a grandmother, a teacher, a sister, and a friend. :(

please pray for her family. may God comfort them during this hard time. :(

Sunday, January 24, 2010

One Sunday

i love weekends :) this morning, my cousin Joy and i played the piano and keyboards during the youth fellowship. our songs were Throne of Praise, My Jesus I Love Thee, and How Great is Our God. :) after lunch, we got a haircut together at Hair 101 and ate ice creams. :) can you see a change? ;)

this week i read a new book -
Till Debt Do Us Part: Practical Steps to Financial Freedom by Chinkee Tan. i just saw it in my grandmother's table and started reading it. and finished it in two days! :) fast for me since i only read during free time. it's a good read and i highly recommend it for everyone, even teens can read it because it is simple and practical. :) here are some points from the book i'd like to share:

- it is not how much money you make, but how much money you save.

- if you work hard now, you will play later. if you play now, you will pay later.
- people fail to budget because of laziness and lack of discipline.
- they get into debt because they spend tomorrow's income today and are unwilling to change lifestyle when circumstances have changed.

he also shared some personal experiences. :) he said that people get into debt because of their wrong attitude toward money which is greed, worry, and false security.

well, try to read it! im sure you'll learn a lot. :) it also gave me a new perspective with money. :)

the youngest among my cousins, Hannah, is up with a fever now. :( i hope she gets better so she can go to school tomorrow. bye for now friends. :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

hello 2010.

happy new year! :) another year has passed again and 2009 has been a mixture of both joy and pain. a lot of changes took place in my life during the past year, and despite all the trials, God has been faithful and carried me through. :) i attended the four-day youth winter conference at Pampanga last December 27-30. it was great and im glad that i was able to go. :) i will share more when i have time. :)

my family went to Fontana today and will stay for a night, but i didn't go so i can attended church today. some brothers and sisters shared testimonies on how God led them last year. :) after church, i played badminton with a friend on our penthouse. :) the sky is so beautiful while we were playing! it's a mixture of blue and red. loved it :)

two more days and life goes back to normal. but then, im changed forever. :)

my hands are full, but so is my heart. ♥

goodnight! :)