Thursday, August 19, 2010

unfortunate events.

last night, grace and i went to visit a gospel friend. im glad that they agreed to go to interview with us and be baptized on Sunday morning. when we were about to leave, the mom was so furious and yelled at us. questioning what we were doing to her daughters, and told us eversince we invited them to go to church, they changed. that they became disrespectful, self-centered and all. it lasted for about ten minutes and we just kept silent. shocked maybe? but there's nothing to say really. because she won't understand us either.

this afternoon, i went to the drugstore to buy something, then i saw this scary-looking man looking at me. and he was paying attention to my every move. so i looked back at him as if saying "what!?". i waited for him and his two friends to finish paying for what they bought and leave the drugstore. i waited for sometime to make sure they won't return. i stepped out, looked around and the coast is clear, but as i reached the corner, i saw the three of them again, looking around to see if there were people and back at me. it's so creepy! so i turned around and thankfully saw a Baranggay Tanod, i told him to please cross the street with me because the guys were really scary and i think they wanted to holdup me. it's embarrassing, feels like im a 6year old girl again, but it really scared me. :( *sigh*

what a day.

im tired.

im tired of the never-ending things needed to be done.

im tired of the noise at home.

im tired of being angry at people not being considerate of others' feelings.

im tired of thinking.

im tired of not being able to get answers.

im tired of the ups.

im tired of the downs.

im tired of the rollercoaster.

and i just want off.

because im tired.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Happy Birthday to my Little Brother ~ HANS. :)